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      INOVONICA is a PT trademark nº 000516531 for the OEM market

What we do:
We develop and provide electronic Modules for Industry.

Module prototypes and patents will  belong to the projects of your brand.

 We will produce the first series of Modules and will support client production for 2 years.

 We do not resell. We just do R&D.


How :
1 - Meet  with our potential customer to study the product and Module the solution.
2 - We do the R&D for the solution.
3 - Meet  again with customer to explain the solution.
4 - Will support you with data for the economic study.
5 - Once approved the project,
a prototype Module will be developed.
6 - We can  produce the first initial series of Modules.
7 - Improvements and optimizations on Modules will be held for two years


Advantages :

-  Don't need staff for R&D.

-   Reduced costs.

-   Agility in the management of communication..

-  Ability to project management, human resources and logistics.

-  Rapid development of prototypes.

-   Experience.

-   Patents and prototype Module will belong to the the project and client.

Modules are an OEM product.

































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